• crowd of people in front of cloud

    Census plans cloud option for self-response

    If there's a surge in self-response activity, some traffic will communicate directly with a commercial cloud provider, according to the bureau's plan. 06/18/2018 Read More

  • plane pulling up out of clouds (yosmoes815/Shutterstock.com)

    FedRAMP increases pace of Connect prioritizations

    Cloud service providers have until July 13 to apply directly to work with FedRAMP’s Connect program to speed agency access to services. 06/18/2018 Read More

  • cloud play button (phloxii/Shutterstock.com)

    FedRAMP to test NIST security control automation

    To speed cloud authorizations, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program is automating security control assessments and accrediting third-party assessors. 06/14/2018 Read More

  • cloud migration (deepadesigns/Shutterstock.com)

    Why resist the move to the cloud?

    Government agencies and contractors should embrace the cloud and its ability to save money and increase security but culture resistance remains high. 06/14/2018 Read More

  • tech evolution (everything possible/Shutterstock.com)

    OMB maps out 'Cloud Smart' strategy

    The Office of Management and Budget expects to release new guidance to help agencies move to the cloud. 06/13/2018 Read More

  • cloud (kurhan/Shutterstock.com)

    Is JEDI just the start of procurement disruption?

    The Defense Department's JEDI initiative is part of a continuum of how innovation has shifted away from the government and to the commercial sector and the implications are only growing. 06/12/2018 Read More

  • apps in the cloud

    Exploring the JEDI strategy

    The Defense Department's pursuit of the JEDI cloud strategy has the potential to open the market to commercial products and services like never before, but aren't we missing the opportunity to have a broader and more productive discussion? 06/11/2018 Read More

  • mobile cloud security

    Key considerations in moving apps to the cloud

    Prioritizing cloud selection based on the most appropriate features for a particular application offers many benefits as well as a few challenges. 06/08/2018 Read More

  • network security (Shutterstock.com)

    It's time to move beyond the traditional VPN

    To keep up with the government IT modernization initiatives, agencies must find a way to enable secure, streamlined connections -- regardless of device or location. 06/07/2018 Read More

  • key in cloud (Blackboard/Shutterstock.com)

    Appropriations bill puts conditions on DOD cloud funding

    The House defense appropriations bill includes new reporting requirements on the JEDI project and the Defense Enterprise Office Solutions cloud efforts. 06/06/2018 Read More

  • 4 tips for shared services success

    3 tips for boosting your FITARA grade

    Agencies that optimize their data centers can do more with the resources they have and build an IT infrastructure that is more efficient, less costly to maintain and primed for the future. 06/05/2018 Read More

  • DISA mulls redirecting internet browsing to external cloud

    The "cloud-based internet isolation solution" would help defend against attacks that exploit DOD networks and compromise end users. 06/05/2018 Read More

  • cloud in data center (sdecoret/Shutterstock.com)

    SAP offers Secure HANA Cloud on AWS GovCloud

    SAP National Security Services government customers can now select Amazon Web Services' GovCloud as a part of NS2’s Secure HANA Cloud offering. 06/05/2018 Read More

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