• cloud collaboration (Graphic farm/Shutterstock.com)

    Microsoft Teams available in Government Community Cloud

    Microsoft Teams gives employees the ability to share files and conduct high-quality video meetings through the application. 07/17/2018 Read More

  • cloud migration (deepadesigns/Shutterstock.com)

    DISA considers cloud for cyber network monitoring

    A dedicated virtual private cloud would provide compute, storage and backup for Acropolis' backend services, but data brokering and cross-domain services must remain within DOD. 07/16/2018 Read More

  • stock market data (Kanok Sulaiman/Shutterstock.com)

    SEC's cloud-based data science workstations

    With the Securities and Exchange Commission’s workstations quantitative analysts get access to the latest financial analytics tools, less latency and better performance. 07/12/2018 Read More

  • The Pentagon (Photo by Ivan Cholakov / Shutterstock)

    JEDI to get 'full top-down, bottom-up review'

    Dana Deasy said he's directed staff to "pause" on DOD's massive cloud acquisition while a comprehensive review is conducted. 07/11/2018 Read More

  • city map (Naeblys/Shutterstock.com)

    NGA rolls out Janus cloud contracts

    Janus is NGA's unclassified cloud computing environment designed to provide near-real time access to commercial content and crowd- and community-sourced data. 07/10/2018 Read More

  • cloud approval

    ArcGIS Online gets FedRAMP approval

    The SaaS version of Esri's geospatial platform is authorized for low-impact federal use. 07/09/2018 Read More

  • multiple clouds (Eny Setiyowati/Shutterstock.com)

    Cloud freedom comes from open infrastructures

    With open and flexible cloud infrastructures, agencies can meet their changing needs, no matter which cloud provider -- or providers -- they elect as partners. 07/05/2018 Read More

  • locked cloud in a bubble

    DOD puts JEDI under CIO leadership

    In a June 22 memo, Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan ordered DOD’s massive commercial cloud acquisition fall under new CIO Dana Deasy. 07/03/2018 Read More

  • robots typing, answering calls (Phonlamai Photo/Shutterstock.com)

    Can AI improve user experience at the VA?

    The Department of Veterans wants an artificial intelligence solution to help minimize customer service delays by speeding information retrieval and improving the quality and accuracy of information provided. 07/03/2018 Read More

  • Data transfer in the cloud

    Air Force awards $6.8M in contracts for cloud modernization

    Octo Consulting and TDMK Digital LLC will help the Air Force’s Targeting and Geospatial-Intelligence Program Management Office build cloud-native applications and rework legacy applications for hosting in a cloud. 07/01/2018 Read More

  • clouds

    IARPA VirtUE focuses on user roles for security

    The Virtuous User Environment mitigates the exploitation of legacy and cloud-based vulnerabilities by securing users' roles rather than their identities. 06/27/2018 Read More

  • network monitoring (nmedia/Shutterstock.com)

    IRS seeks cloud-based AI for threat detection

    The system would be hosted in a FedRAMP-approved big data cloud that can support forensic research and centralize collection, aggregation and storage of security log files. 06/27/2018 Read More

  • cloud computing (Tetiana Yurchenko/Shutterstock.com)

    Unisys launches service for AWS migrations

    The CloudForte subscription-based services and professional guidance can help agencies move to the Amazon Web Services cloud. 06/26/2018 Read More

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