• cloud business people

    DOD plans JEDI industry day

    The Defense Department's Cloud Executive Steering Group will host the March 7 event where it will release a draft solicitation package. 02/15/2018 Read More

  • locked cloud in a bubble

    Microsoft enables network-based access control for storage

    With network-based access control for Azure Storage, administrators can create rules that create a secure network boundary for data. 02/12/2018 Read More

  • data in cloud

    NSF pairs cloud credits with funding

    Researchers get access to large-scale cloud resources while spurring technology development and economic growth. 02/09/2018 Read More

  • hybrid cloud

    Securing the federal hybrid cloud

    By weaving traditionally isolated security resources together into an integrated security fabric, agencies can share threat intelligence and implement automation to make decisions at machine speeds. 02/08/2018 Read More

  • military cloud

    DOD issues 'OTA' cloud contract

    The Defense Department finalizes a potential $950 million other transaction authority contract with REAN Cloud for a new cloud procurement mechanism. 02/07/2018 Read More

  • cloud (Singkham/Shutterstock.com)

    A smarter approach to cloud

    Advances in cloud technology are shifting the focus toward choosing the right tool for the job and crafting solutions that truly modernize systems. 02/05/2018 Read More

  • city with data (arleksey/Shutterstock.com)

    Cloud transit platform offers APIs for parking, tolls data

    Coord is a cloud-based platform that integrates and aggregates data from curb signage, parking lots and toll gates and provides standardized application programming interfaces for transportation data. 02/02/2018 Read More

  • cloud-based security

    FedRAMP issues revised continuous monitoring guidance

    The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program has released new and updated documents that aim to improve the continuous monitoring process. 02/01/2018 Read More

  • cloud strategy

    Cloud modernization at the SEC

    A comprehensive strategy depends on a common language and architecture, according to an official driving the agency's effort. 01/30/2018 Read More

  • cloud (Singkham/Shutterstock.com)

    Updated TIC will smooth modernization

    A forthcoming revamp of the government's Trusted Internet Connection policy will facilitate cloud adoption and align with the White House IT modernization plan. 01/30/2018 Read More

  • cloud computing (Shuttterstock.com)

    Culture, training make cloud migration 'a struggle' for DOD

    The Department of Defense's road to cloud has been bumpy, exposing weak points in skillsets and education that the services are quickly trying to rectify. 01/30/2018 Read More

  • smartphone and city (ponsulak/Shutterstock.com)

    State CIOs focus on digital services, cyber, cloud

    Although state IT officials expect cloud and digital services adoption to grow, cybersecurity remains their top priority. 01/30/2018 Read More

  • containers (Wang An Qi/Shutterstock.com)

    Docker management services now available in AWS GovCloud

    The recent inclusion of Amazon's Elastic Container Service and the Elastic Container Registry in the AWS GovCloud region will make it easier for government cloud managers to use Docker containers. 01/28/2018 Read More

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