Digital Transformation Checklist: Using Technology to Break Down Innovation Barriers in Government

Innovation requires many ingredients: a great idea, creativity, persistence, the right data, and technology. Governments around the world are taking advantage of the cloud to reduce cost and transform the way they deliver on their mission. The expectations of an increasingly digital citizenry are high, yet all levels of government face budgetary and human resource constraints. Cloud computing (on-demand delivery of IT resources via the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing) can help government organizations increase innovation, agility, and resiliency, all while reducing costs. This whitepaper provides guidelines that governments can use to break down innovation barriers and achieve a digital transformation that helps them engage and serve citizens.

Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Certified Cloud Security Professional

Are you looking to advance your information security career into the field of cloud security? Cloud security professionals report that, by obtaining the CCSP certification, they have gained employer and customer confidence – respect, credibility, and trust. The Ultimate Guide to the CCSP is a must-have resource if you are planning to sit for the exam.