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State puts human services in the cloud

Maryland is upgrading its human services technology infrastructure and customer service processes by migrating to a cloud-based platform.

MD THINK, or the Total Human-services Information Network, will give a number of state agencies access to a cloud-based data repository for provide integrated access to programs. The participating agencies include the departments of Human Resources, Health and Mental Hygiene, Juvenile Services and Labor, Licensing, and Regulation.

According to an announcement from the governor’s office, Gov. Larry Hogan’s administration dedicated nearly $14 million in funding for this effort in the FY 2017 budget.

MD THINK uses a scalable, cloud-based platform and is expected to save money, streamline program operations and increase agency productivity. Most important, enhanced data analytics will better enable state agencies to deliver the highest levels of service to Marylanders, state officials said.

The Hogan administration became focused on modernizing its technology infrastructure after the riots in Baltimore, when officials realized the state was unable to leverage its existing data on poverty, unemployment and transportation challenges to determine how to best direct resources.

The first phase of MD THINK will focus on services for children and families.  Caseworkers will be provided tablet devices, enabling them to provide services in the field as opposed to having to return to a central location to input data, saving time and resources.

MD THINK “will completely transform our ability to deliver vital human services to Marylanders and finally bring our service delivery into the 21st century,” Hogan said.


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