big data in cloud

NSF bundles cloud credits with big data research grants

Researchers applying for National Science Foundation grants that address big data management, modeling and analysis now may also apply for cloud credits to support their work.

Amazon Web Services Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure will each provide up to $3 million in cloud credits/resources to projects that can justify the need for significant storage and computational resources under NSF’s  BIGDATA program, the science agency said.

Requests for cloud credits/resources must adhere to a 70-30 split in funding between the requested NSF funds and the requested cloud resources. If a project requests $700,000 in NSF funds, for example, then it may request up to a maximum of $300,000 in cloud credits/resources.

NSF advises applications that, when estimating for cloud resources, they should account for software development and testing; code inefficiencies and errors that may consume more resources than anticipated; and additional experiments beyond those initially anticipated.

The proposal instructions include contact information for the cloud providers and links to calculators to help researchers build their usage plans.

Up to 35 projects will be funded, subject to availability of funds.

Researchers in universities and colleges, nonprofits, non-academic organizations, and state and local government can apply. The submissions are due March 22.


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