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FERC issues ATO for Azure, FAA for BlackBerry alerting services

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has issued a FedRAMP authorization for Azure Government at the moderate level. The provisional authority to operate allows FERC agencies to leverage the cloud for workloads containing data at the moderate impact level.

Microsoft Azure Government offers several FedRAMP-approved services spanning both infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service offerings, and it has received a FedRAMP High P-ATO from the Joint Authorization Board. 

Other agencies also have issued ATOs for Azure Government, including the Defense Information Systems Agency, the departments of Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Treasury and Veterans Affairs.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a P-ATO for BlackBerry’s  AtHoc  and AtHoc Connect crisis communication services. AtHoc Alert enables secure multichannel, bidirectional mass notification via secure mobile apps, telephony and texting and integrates with other mass notification channels such as loud speakers, two-way radios and digital displays. AtHoc Connect lets agencies communicate with each other during crises, addressing some of the more critical interoperability requirements.

BlackBerry AtHoc – through on-premises software and cloud services -- is currently being used to protect more than 70 percent of federal employees, the company said. Customers with full cloud deployments, such as the FAA, Department of Treasury and the Department of Energy, benefit from the FedRAMP-authorized security and reduced total cost of ownership.

Editor's note: This article was changed May 24, 2018, to correct the impact level of FERC's Azure authorization. FERC is using Azure, but only at a moderate level.


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