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NTIS eyes move to new cloud platform

The National Technical Information System, an agency in the Commerce Department, has issued a request for information for a nationwide enterprise-class cloud management system platform.

NTIS has provided government agencies with software-as-a-service for several years in a federal compliant environment. Its mission has been modified to emphasize data science. As it moves ahead, it's looking for an environment where NTIS developers and its partners can publish and host both datasets and data-driven applications and make them accessible in a cross-platform manner.

The agency is also migrating its internal business system data recovery site to the cloud. The initial migration could lead to more migrations of agency, consumer and partner systems.

In the RFI, NTIS wants insights on the migration, as well as various X-as-a-service options, virtual private cloud utilization, high-performance computing environment, auto-scaling, disaster recovery and real-time access to status and metadata.

NTIS wants the cloud platform to be on-demand and self-service. It should have resource pooling, rapid elasticity, measured service and an integrated platform-as-a-service aspect. 

NTIS' primary mission is to collect, organize and disseminate scientific, technical, engineering and business information generated by  government-sponsored research and development for private industry, government, academia, and the general public. It also works with other federal agencies to establish IT programs and projects.

Responses are due by May 15.

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