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Microsoft launches Azure Government video library

Microsoft has launched new Azure Government video library on Channel 9, a community site for Microsoft customers created in 2004 that hosts video channels, discussions, podcasts, screencasts and interviews.

This new library will contain videos with information, tips and how-to guides for Azure Government users in federal and state and local government.

It launched with several videos of presentations from the March 6-7 Microsoft Tech Summit conference in Washington, D.C. The videos range from overviews of policy and tactics that address the roles, responsibilities and documentation needed to be granted an application ATO by an agency to software demos showing how to build a secure and compliant application on Azure Government utilizing Azure AD, Key Vault, App Service and several PaaS components.

The searchable library will also feature short screencast videos to help developers get comfortable with Azure Government quickly and easily, Microsoft said in its announcement.

Microsoft Azure Government has a FedRAMP High provisional authority to operate from the Joint Authorization Board, as well as recent agency FedRAMP High ATOs from the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.


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