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Unisys turnkey services help lift agencies to the cloud

Many state and local government agencies want transform their operations by moving to the cloud, but they may not have the resources to get there.  To help agencies take advantage of cloud efficiencies, Unisys has launched a suite of tools and best practices to help them transform their digital operations.

Digital Government Accelerators include turnkey solutions for digital services optimization; rapid cloud deployment; hybrid Office 365 deployment; and permitting, licensing and compliance applications.

The accelerators are an easy way " to consume information, socialize it and drive realization and value to government agencies, which then provides value to the citizens,” Director of Digital Government at Unisys Public Sector Shawn Kingsberry told GCN.

For digital services optimization, Unisys augments ServiceNow's ServiceWatch suite of application and infrastructure tools to help agencies get visibility into their systems, detect anomalies and prevent digital services outages.

The rapid cloud deployment service lets agencies orchestrate the administration, governance and security of private, public and hybrid clouds from a variety of providers through asset management, catalog and monitoring capabilities.

The permitting, licensing and compliance accelerator uses CSDC Systems’ AMANDA platform to automate and integrate workflows to support reviews, renewals, audits, legal actions and compliance activities. AMANDA is currently being used by the Michigan Gaming Control Board, a Unisys client.

To make it cost effective for agencies, Unisys offers the digital accelerators via an operational expense model rather than as a capital expense.

“You do need to set up a defined number of seats to get the cost down, and we do all of the road mapping, strategic planning and execution,” Kingsberry said. “In the [Hybrid 365] model, we are roughly starting off with 5,000 seats so customers can see roughly the amount of time that it would take to stand up the environment and move forward.”

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Sara Friedman is a reporter/producer for GCN, covering cloud, cybersecurity and a wide range of other public-sector IT topics.

Before joining GCN, Friedman was a reporter for Gambling Compliance, where she covered state issues related to casinos, lotteries and fantasy sports. She has also written for Communications Daily and Washington Internet Daily on state telecom and cloud computing. Friedman is a graduate of Ithaca College, where she studied journalism, politics and international communications.

Friedman can be contacted at or follow her on Twitter @SaraEFriedman.

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