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VA wants lab for cloud-based app development

The Department of Veterans Affairs increasingly relies on health care-based applications to deliver better care to veterans and meet its mission goals.

To better manage the growing number of public and internal applications, the VA wants a cloud-based “development and test environment” for those applications, and is seeking industry input on what's possible. The department wants to ensure VA applications are secure, acceptable to end users, improve workflow and provide value to patients and staff. The environment is also intended to help VA officials evaluate, recommend and track apps based on their ability to improve health care performance measures.

Accordingly, VA outlined the following requirements:

  • A low-impact cloud-based infrastructure-as-service and software-as-a-service environment available within a commercial cloud deployment model.
  • A Future Technologies Laboratory (FTL), a virtualized, development environment that  VA innovators could use for development and testing related to cloud computing standards
  • Future Technologies Laboratory Secure, a cloud-based user acceptance testing and pilot environment, that provides virtual systems for testing for projects that require the use of personally identifiable information.
  • Subject matter experts to help with VistA development and the agency's Enterprise Health Management Platform as implemented in the FTL.

Responses are due Aug. 10. Read the full RFI here.

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