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Microsoft expands recover and backup services for government

Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup are now available to all Azure government regions in the United States, according to a recent Microsoft announcement.  The government regions include US DOD Central, US DOD East, US Gov Arizona, US Gov Texas, US Gov Iowa and US Gov Virginia.

Azure Backup lets clients backup and restore their data in the Microsoft cloud. The service offers multiple components that can be downloaded and deployed on computers, servers or in the cloud. All Azure Backup components-- whether they're protecting data on-premises or in the cloud -- can be used to back up data to a Recovery Services vault in Azure.

If a site goes down, Azure Site Recovery replicates workloads running on virtual machines and physical servers so that they remain available in a secondary location while the primary site isn't available. It recovers those workloads to the primary site when it's up and running again.

In July, Microsoft announced availability of the Azure Government cloud in its Arizona and Texas data center regions.

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