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Docker management services now available in AWS GovCloud

The recent inclusion of the Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and the Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) in the AWS GovCloud region will make it easier for government cloud managers to use Docker containers.

AWS GovCloud is a physically isolated AWS region that meets high and moderate security baselines of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program. The region has attained the Defense Information Systems Agency's  Impact Level 4 and 5 provisional authorizations, which allows customers to host sensitive controlled unclassified information and run regulated workloads in the cloud.

Amazon ECS is a highly scalable container orchestration service for Docker containers that allows users to easily run and scale containerized applications on AWS.  With Amazon ECS, users can manage and scale a cluster of virtual machines or schedule containers on those virtual machines without using a separate container orchestration product, AWS officials said.

ECS uses application programming interface calls to launch and stop Docker-enabled applications and  query the application's state. It is designed for use with other AWS services including identity access management roles, security groups, load balancers, Amazon CloudWatch Events, AWS CloudFormation templates and AWS CloudTrail logs.

Amazon ECR is a Docker container registry that makes it easier store, manage and deploy Docker container images. Integrated with Amazon ECS for simplifying development-to-production workflow, ECR eliminates the need for users to operate their own container repositories or scale the underlying infrastructure. It is integrated with AWS Identity and Access Management to secure resource-level control of each repository. ECR transfers container images over HTTPS, automatically encrypts images at rest and uses Amazon S3 for storage.

Additionally, government users can now migrate virtual machines running in on-premises virtualization stacks from both Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX/ESXi environments to AWS, the company said. With the AWS Server Migration Service agentless service, users can migrate thousands of on-premises workloads to AWS and automate, schedule and track incremental replications of live server volumes, making large-scale server migrations easier and less expensive.


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