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CBP to go all-in on cloud

Customs and Border Protection wants to move all its applications out of its National Data Center complex in Springfield, Va., to a commercial cloud by the end of September 2019. 

To change the way Office of Information and Technology provides IT support, the agency wants to replace its IT infrastructure -- now housed in three data centers -- with a suite of cloud-based services to take advantage of the flexibility such a platform provides for CBP applications. 

In a request for information, the agency said it wants to migrate its current on-premises IT services to commercial cloud service provider and identify services that are compliant with the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program that meet its needs. The acquisition, which also includes engineering support, could be accomplished by a single contractor, a team of contractors, or via separate agreements with individual contractors bringing expertise in specific areas, the RFI said.

Among the FedRAMP-compliant services CBP is seeking are:

  • Identity credential and access management based on a personal identity verification card. 
  • Common enterprisewide applications, such as email and Microsoft Office.
  • Storage, compute and secure file transfer services.
  • Database and web hosting services, as well as hosting for a development and test environment.
  • Management and security services.

Engineering support includes automated build and deployment of new applications, elimination of technical debt and improving code coverage/automated testing for existing applications.  The agency also plans to use secure DevOps services for continuous integration and delivery as well as agile development methodologies to address backlogged items prioritized by the government.

The agency is also calling for a cloud operations center to manage and monitor performance of cloud resources as well as a brokerage service and security and incident reporting.

In May 2017, CBP issued a request for proposals to unify the agency's sprawling data footprint under a single support services contract that was ultimately awarded to Accenture.

Read the full RFI here.


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