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Oracle files preaward protest to JEDI

Oracle Corp. has become the first company to protest the terms of the Defense Department's recently released solicitation for the $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud program. The company is objecting to DOD's plan to make a single award for JEDI, arguing in its filing with the Government Accountability Office  that a single award is irrational and violates procurement laws.

The Pentagon’s plan to make JEDI a single-award contract has long been a sticking point with many in industry, who argue that a single winner will cut off DOD’s access to innovation and competition.

The single-award strategy also has drawn negative attention on Capitol Hill where Congress added reporting and other requirements on DOD before it could move forward.

DOD has faced criticism since it first floated the idea of a single award a year ago as it began planning the massive cloud infrastructure contract. But it has been undeterred, arguing that a single award is needed if DOD is to create a single data reservoir and break the stovepipes of data it currently struggles with. They also maintain that there will still be opportunities for other cloud providers beyond JEDI.

GAO has about 100 days to rule on Oracle’s protest and it is unclear whether the protest will impact the Sept. 17 due date for final proposals.

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