FedRAMP approves DMARC enforcement solution

Valimail, which specializes in automated email authentication, announced its Valimail Enforce service had been authorized by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program. The cloud-based system responds to authentication requests in real-time so that only approved third parties can send email using an organization's domain.

Valimail Enforce can help agencies comply with the Department of Homeland Security's Binding Operational Directive 18-01, which requires enforcement of the Domain Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance protocol by Oct. 16. A DMARC enforcement policy would direct receiving mail servers to reject all non-authorized emails using those domains, eliminating phishers’ ability to impersonate government agencies by using their domains in fraudulent email messages.

Although over 70 percent of all federal domains have started the DMARC process, less than half have set up enforcement policies, Valimail officials said.

Valimail received authorization in partnership with the Department of Commerce through the FedRAMP Tailored program, which speeds authorization of low-impact software-as-a-service offerings.


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