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DISA cancels rapid migration RFI for MilCloud

Almost as soon as it started, the Pentagon has canceled its market survey for ideas on how it can more quickly and efficiently move data and applications to its on-premise MilCloud 2.0 environment.

A new notice posted to FedBizOpps Friday said the effort "is being cancelled in its entirety." No further details were offered.

The original RFI posted Wednesday is still available on FedBizOpps. It details the Defense Information Systems Agency's request to industry for ideas and methods on rapid cloud migration services with automation a key component in what DISA sought.

Current manual tasks to carry out the migration are not sufficient, that RFI said. DISA particularly wanted to automate operating systems migration, replication and synchronization of workload image data, and transfers of data and applications between sources and destinations among other areas. It also sought migration solutions that could "duplicate the suite of servers used with an application from their current environment into a cloud environment built on Apache CloudStack technology and KVM hypervisor."

DISA had been migrating workloads since May, prioritizing applications on MilCloud 1.0, and those located in the DISA data centers. The rapid migration was expected to start with support defense agencies, known as the "fourth estate," by 2020.

The environment officially launched earlier this year under a $498 million contract held by CSRA, which General Dynamics acquired in April.

Caroline Bean, DISA’s MilCloud 2.0 program manager, said in an Aug. 21 announcement that the migration is in process. That announcement followed a DISA-hosted workshop with fourth-estate agency heads in July.

The migration process begins with the DOD CIO sending a team to organizations to help them define their systems, plan migration decisions and complete a triage assessment that allows agency leaders and application owners to spot where retooling legacy systems may be necessary. The DOD CIO team then approves the migration and hands the reins over to DISA for the full move to MilCloud 2.0.

Each fourth-estate agency is at a different stage in the process, but Defense Collaboration Services plans to migrate its chat functionality and web conferencing capabilities in September and October, respectively. Additionally, the Defense Technical Information Center is awaiting authorization and plans on piloting an application soon.

This all comes as DOD moves full steam ahead on its big-ticket “JEDI” cloud infrastructure procurement. In May, JEDI was called out in a Pentagon report to Congress as one of more than 500 current cloud acquisitions. That report says JEDI and MilCloud 2.0 can work in harmony.


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