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Spending bill includes DOD cloud guidance

Behind the scenes on Capitol Hill work is progressing to pass a continuing resolution to keep the entire government open into fiscal year 2019. The House Rules Committee announced plans to move a bill to fund the Departments of Defense, Health and Human Services, Labor and Education for a full vote on the House floor next week. The bill includes a CR that extends 2018-level funding to agencies that aren't covered by the "minibus" appropriations packages currently moving through Congress.

As expected, the Defense funding bill includes some caveats to Pentagon plans to move quickly into cloud computing. The final conference report from House and Senate appropriators orders the Pentagon to submit reports on cloud budget accounting to lawmakers before obligating funds to move data to systems under the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure and the Defense Enterprise Office Solutions contracts.

"The conferees are not suggesting that the Department implement a separate, new financial management system for cloud computing," lawmakers wrote in a joint explanatory statement, "but urge the Secretary of Defense to adapt the current system to provide reliable and timely data on the budgets requested and funds expended to procure cloud computing services, and the budgets requested and funds expended to prepare and implement legacy systems for migration to the cloud environment."

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