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New in the AWS GovCloud

Several new services have recently been made available:

Amazon SageMaker is a fully managed platform for building, training and deploying  machine learning models. It includes hosted Jupyter notebooks that make it easy to explore and visualize training data and comes with the most common ML algorithms pre-installed and optimized for performance. Once models are trained and tuned, they can be easily deployed to production on a fully managed auto-scaling cluster.

M5d instances are M5 general-purpose compute instances equipped with local, high-speed NVMe storage. The SSD block-level instance storage is physically connected to the host server, making M5d instances ideal for workloads that require compute and memory resources along with high-speed, low-latency local block storage such as applications that need temporary data storage for scratch space, temporary files and caches.

C5d instances feature high-performance compute processors as well as local NVMe-based SSD storage for applications that need access to high-speed, low-latency local storage like media processing or temporary data storage. 

Application Auto Scaling allows users to manage capacity for Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon ECS, Amazon RDS Aurora replicas or Amazon EMR services.

More information is available from AWS here.


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