Thunderbirds’ Thunder Diamond formation (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Manuel J. Martinez)

Air Force to migrate weather programs to the cloud

Air Force PEO Digital plans to move a collection of weather programs to the cloud in 2019.

PEO Digital Program Executive Officer Steven Wert said that several weather programs responsible for collecting data used for aircraft and other systems are in the midst of cloud migrations, including the Air Force's main weather predictor model that helps with mission planning, the supercomputer-powered Numerical Weather Prediction model out of Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. The programs will be rehosted at Oak Ridge National Lab with a plan to complete migration in 2019.

PEO Digital is also moving Mobility Air Force suites, mission planning programs to the agile model. Wert said that Digital’s mission is to help the Air Force change the way it does business via agile software development by sharing the PEO's learned lessons with the rest of the program executive offices.

"My role isn't policy or to own the cloud or own the network. It's really showing other program teams how to do software in this way," Wert said, adding that many of the Air Force's programs will have hybrid cloud solutions, where parts of the system will have dedicated infrastructure and others -- such as the weather system -- will be in the cloud.

"Programs don't need to be cloud hosted to get to a more rapid release cadence, work more directly with end users or leverage automated testing," he said. "These things can be done through a lot of different development environments and methods. Where it makes sense, leveraging the cloud allows continuous delivery."

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