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Amazon joins DOD in JEDI defense

Amazon Web Services has joined the Defense Department in the case against Oracle over the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud computing solicitation.

This new development comes after Oracle lost its pre-award protest to the Government Accountability Office. The company has now taken its cause to the Court of Federal Claims.

AWS requested to be a “defendant-intervenor" and Senior Judge Eric Bruggink granted that motion Wednesday, according to court filings.

AWS' filing sets out several reasons why it should also be considered a defendant in the case:

  • Oracle is making claims that there are potential conflicts of interest involving AWS.
  • As a bidder for JEDI, AWS has an economic interest in the outcome of the case.
  • AWS also has interests in the case that cannot be adequately represented by the government.
  • There are other interests such as AWS’ reputation that the government has no incentive to defend.
  • As a defendant, AWS will participate in briefings and other court hearings.

The government didn’t oppose AWS’ inclusion as a defendant-intervenor. Oracle hadn’t responded to the request, according to court filings.

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