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OMB drafts revised Trusted Internet Connection policy

As expected, the Office of Management and Budget put out a draft of proposed revisions to the Trusted Internet Connection policy.

The move rescinds policy guidance dating back to 2007 that tried to corral the proliferation of unmonitored and undefended federal agency online connections, with an eye to limiting the total number of such connections to as few as 50. The policy is ill-suited for a cloud-based environment, and OMB is seeking alternative use-cases to support managed services, cloud email, connections from agency branch offices and remote users, as well as cases in which a traditional TIC policy is still needed.

OMB is seeking comments on the new policy. Additionally, the federal Chief Information Security Officer Council will review pilot proposals from agencies and have an ongoing role in approving use cases. Agencies have a year from the issuance of the final policy to update their networks and their own boundary policies.


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