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    Questions remain despite DOD's JEDI report to Congress

    There is little in the Defense Department’s report to Congress about the massive Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud initiative that explains why is DOD planning to make JEDI a single-award contract. 05/15/2018 Read More

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    JEDI report calls out DOD's legacy cloud strategy

    The report criticizes the proliferation of more than 500 cloud acquisition and migration efforts as being "reminiscent of DOD's current legacy information technology environment, which is not optimized for the 21st century." 05/14/2018 Read More

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    Partnership targets hybrid cloud market

    Defense contractor BAE Systems Inc. and global IT giant Dell EMC have joined forces on a hybrid cloud offering to increase their shares of the market. 05/11/2018 Read More

  • Microsoft updates progress on Azure confidential computing project

    Microsoft offered a progress report on its Azure confidential computing project, mostly highlighting its partner efforts. 05/10/2018 Read More

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    Agencies' trust in cloud grows, but verification remains key

    Although the cloud has demonstrated its utility, agility and scalability, federal execs underscore the importance of security. 05/09/2018 Read More

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    HSM as a service to lock down the public cloud

    While traditional hardware security modules may have proved difficult to deploy in the public cloud, HSMaaS solutions offer data security and management at cloud scale. 05/09/2018 Read More

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    JEDI details trickle out

    A few more insights into the Defense Department's Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract were released with the draft DD Form 254, a document interested companies must complete to gain access to classified information needed for their proposals. 05/07/2018 Read More

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    Army plans moving ERP to the cloud

    The Army is making plans to move its web-based enterprise resource planning system to the cloud. 05/04/2018 Read More

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    Cloud eases agency blockchain development

    As blockchain projects proliferate, major cloud service providers are making it easier for agencies to develop and use distributed ledger applications. 05/04/2018 Read More

  • 5 lessons learned from the FedRAMP process

    Insights from the FedRAMP journey

    What execs learn from the FedRAMP authorization process can build a stronger company. 05/04/2018 Read More

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    Is AWS expanding its CIA cloud to Army intell?

    The CIA cloud – hosted by Amazon Web Services -- may be expanding to an Army intelligence agency and then to the rest of the service's intelligence operations. 05/03/2018 Read More

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    How cloud can help with GDPR compliance

    The General Data Protection Regulation's effects already are being felt far beyond the European Union. 05/03/2018 Read More

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    Congress gets call to stop JEDI single award

    One of the federal market's largest trade groups -- the IT Alliance for Public Sector –- has made its strongest objection yet to the Pentagon's Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud strategy. 05/01/2018 Read More

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