• Thunderbirds’ Thunder Diamond formation (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Manuel J. Martinez)

    Air Force to migrate weather programs to the cloud

    Several weather programs responsible for collecting data used for aircraft and other systems will be rehosted at Oak Ridge National Lab. 12/18/2018 Read More

  • cloud (Singkham/Shutterstock.com)

    OMB drafts revised Trusted Internet Connection policy

    The policy is ill-suited for a cloud-based environment, and OMB is seeking alternative use-cases to support managed services, cloud email, connections from agency branch offices and remote users, as well as cases in which a traditional TIC policy is still needed. 12/17/2018 Read More

  • cloud race

    3 tips to smooth the transition from cloud first to cloud smart

    Flexible strategies for implementation, security and acquisition can help agencies get the most out of their cloud deployments. 12/13/2018 Read More

  • Complex maze with cloud in background

    Amazon joins DOD in JEDI defense

    Amazon Web Services has joined the Defense Department in the case against Oracle over the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud computing solicitation. 12/13/2018 Read More

  • security in the cloud (ShutterStock image)

    IBM's JEDI protest dismissed by GAO

    The Government Accountability Office dismissed a pre-award protest from IBM against the Defense Department's Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure procurement in deference to a federal court that is hearing a lawsuit on a related case. 12/12/2018 Read More

  • artificial intelligence (vs148/Shutterstock.com)

    What's behind the Pentagon's $10 billion cloud push

    The Pentagon's top tech official told Congress that the push for enterprise cloud isn't for the sake of modernization or convenience -- it is to leverage artificial intelligence and big data. 12/12/2018 Read More

  • Shutterstock ID ID: 222190471 By wk1003mike

    Oracle sues DOD over JEDI

    After losing out in a Government Accountability Office bid protest, Oracle is taking its case against the Pentagon's proposed $10 billion, 10-year cloud infrastructure deal to federal court. 12/07/2018 Read More

  • cloud email

    Air Force gets all email into the cloud

    The Air Force now has cloud-based email, via Microsoft Office 365, across its bases and it expects to take advantage of rest of the software suite's capabilities in the next three to four months. 12/07/2018 Read More

  • Stock photo ID: 658810513 By asharkyu

    EIS deadline extended to 2023

    Federal agencies have up to three more years to transition off aging telecommunications contracts and onto the 15-year, $50 billion Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions contract. 12/06/2018 Read More

  • open doors to cloud (Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock.com)

    Focus on cloud savings misses the point

    Even if a cloud migration will not save money in the short term, it will deliver greater agility and capability to drive results. 12/04/2018 Read More

  • cloud applications (chanpipat/Shutterstock.com)

    Look for DEOS solicitation in February

    The Defense Department's $8 billion office enterprise cloud solution is on a tight timeline amid skepticism about whether customers will go for the plan. 12/03/2018 Read More

  • orange cubes

    Highlights from the AWS annual conference

    Amazon Web Services launched a number of services government agencies can use to take better advantage of machine learning, robotics and satellite management. 11/29/2018 Read More

  • Data transfer in the cloud

    Cyber Command's Big Data Platform has cloud troubles

    The U.S. Cyber Command said it won't be able to deploy its Big Data Platform without added engineering expertise, analytical development and software license renewals. 11/29/2018 Read More

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