• soldier in cloud data center

    DOD issues JEDI extension

    The Pentagon is giving interested parties three more weeks to put together their bids, but says "no" to more questions. 09/04/2018 Read More

  • Shutterstock ID ID: 222190471 By wk1003mike

    DISA cancels rapid migration RFI for MilCloud

    The Pentagon has canceled its market survey for ideas on how it can more quickly and efficiently move data and applications to its on-premise MilCloud 2.0 environment. 08/31/2018 Read More

  • cloud computing

    TRANSCOM takes another run at cloud

    The U.S. Transportation Command's low key approach seems to be an attempt to not repeat steps that may have jeopardized the REAN Cloud contract. 08/31/2018 Read More

  • cloud security (vectorplus/Shutterstock.com)

    As cloud adoption increases, so does data loss

    Despite all the benefits cloud-based applications provide, SaaS offerings are not immune to phishing attacks, ransomware, end-user error or malicious insider threats. 08/30/2018 Read More

  • cloud computing

    Coast Guard looks toward cloud

    The Coast Guard wants to explore shifting to a commercial cloud to improve program administration, increase training efficiency and boost organizational management. 08/29/2018 Read More

  • cloud computing (Shutterstock.com)

    NIST building model for trusted IaaS

    Using commercially available technologies, NIST is developing a way to increase security and privacy for cloud workloads on hybrid cloud platforms. 08/28/2018 Read More

  • connections into the cloud

    Has anything really changed with JEDI update?

    The Pentagon took a different tack with its update to the $10 billion JEDI contract, making things slightly more cloudy. 08/24/2018 Read More

  • cloud migration (deepadesigns/Shutterstock.com)

    FedRAMP leadership shuffle

    The program management office within the General Services Administration handling cloud security is undergoing a leadership shuffle. 08/24/2018 Read More

  • cloud lessons (ScandinavianStock/Shutterstock.com)

    DOD issues JEDI update

    The Pentagon submitted several changes to its mega cloud program proposal, including modifications to requirements in security, points of presence, pricing and small business information. 08/24/2018 Read More

  • Building the tools for bug-free software

    VA maps out API platform for enterprise cloud

    The Department of Veterans Affairs wants a contractor to design, develop and maintain various aspects of the application programming interface platform and deploy the APIs into the VA's enterprise cloud. 08/24/2018 Read More

  • clouds

    5 reasons to move to cloud

    For those still deciding whether going to the cloud is the right choice, here are the top five reasons for making the move. 08/24/2018 Read More

  • cloud computing (Shuttterstock.com)

    AWS expands GovCloud services

    Amazon Web Services has recently announced a number of new services available in the AWS GovCloud region. 08/21/2018 Read More

  • How cloud infrastructures complicate security

    Automated security solutions can run deep data discovery and apply security compliance measures simultaneously, but they must be able to do so across all types of cloud and virtualized infrastructure. 08/20/2018 Read More

  • cloud (Singkham/Shutterstock.com)

    Zero-trust remote-access platform gets a nod from FedRAMP

    Zscaler's Private Access-Government platform creates a trust-to-trust connection that uses direct encrypted connections and eliminates the need for a virtual private network. 08/17/2018 Read More

  • object storage (sakkmesterke/Shutterstock.com)

    Object storage on the move

    By 2021, more than 80 percent of enterprise data will be stored in scalable, or scale-out, storage systems in enterprise and cloud data centers, up from 30 percent today, Gartner predicts. 08/16/2018 Read More

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