You've Moved to the Cloud...Now What?

Over the past several years, new legislation and initiatives have been passed and launched pushing federal government agencies to the cloud. And with good reason. There are many known benefits gained by moving to the cloud, such as IT modernization, reduction in IT workload and pressure, costs savings and increased overall performance. Learn what else your agency can gain with your move to the cloud.

Information Governance for Federal Cloud Migration

As federal agencies migrate more applications and workloads to the cloud, maintaining strong information governance (IG) – the activities and technologies employed to manage information to maximize its value while minimizing risks and costs – is critical. Read this white paper to learn about the six signs indicating it is time to implement stronger Information Governance to streamline your cloud migration efforts.

Building Government for the 21st Century

Today, government agencies must meet and engage with their constituents across all devices, channels and platforms, as well as through social networks and intelligent bots. People expect it, and the 21st century demands it. Learn how to start.